The Volvo Builds-up the ‘Green’ C30 Racer

July 04, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Green Cars

According to testing, the C30 fairs as a more advantageous racing car compared to the S60 and with C30 consistently proving Volvo’s commitment to promoting environmentally friendly technology and with the 1.6D efficiency as well as the promotion of Flexifuel, the response has been phenomenal. The Volvo 1.6D Efficiency has moderate fuel consumption with low CO2 emission rate.
In a statement made by Crabb, he expressed Volvo’s hopes of creating a winning car for this year’s Green Race and their excitement to develop a new race car that is part of their collaboration with Polestar Racing. Crabb hopes that the new race car model will continue to reinforce their stellar performance in the STCC, a record that has been held with high esteem by Volvo executives. Crabb did not provide any new details about the make and specifications of the new green racer and proceeded by saying that Volvo will release more information about the new car when it is ready.
The development of faster and more fuel efficient cars equipped with Green technology marks the new direction for many car manufacturers. Although most of green developments are used in racing for now, innovative technological changes in the way engines emit harmful gasses are slowly making their way into mainstream automotive production.

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