The Volvo Builds-up the ‘Green’ C30 Racer

July 04, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Green Cars

The very known Volvo, a leading proponent in earth friendly automotive technology is set to create an innovative stake on race cars, which is based off the revolutionary C30 while continuing its development efforts with bioethanol and the green racing initiative. It is set to showcase their new model in the incoming STCC (the Swedish Touring Car Championship). Volvo Car Corporation has pledged its resources to a 3-year deal for C30.
Volvo representatives claim that the decision to go with a sleeker and faster car for this year’s green racing was quite easy. In house testing had shown that the C30 fared much better, even on standard prototypes compared to the previously developed S60 and was the driving force behind the decision to switch cars.
According to head of Powertrain at Volvo, Derek Crab, it was relatively easy to make the decision to change the race car for this year. The choice was based on excellent results from the STCC season and what it meant as a positive force on the Volvo brand. Derek in a recent appointment has been tasked to take charge of Volvo’s racing Department.