Green Cars Hits the Roadblocks in China

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Shanghai – Both local and international makers of cars are in the verge of struggling particularly in the selling of environmental-friendly cars and vehicles in China, known as the world’s biggest vehicle market, even when the country’s capital city pumps billions of dollars into clean and pure energy.

According to reports, China wants and is aiming to have at least 5 million “new energy” cars and vehicles by 2020. With that figure, China is indeed on its way to making effective solutions that could possibly stop or reduce the problem on chronic pollutions that devastate the country. Green cars and vehicles running on the streets of China by that time will also decrease the reliance of people on imported oil.

However, there are major problems that are impending to stop the entry of these green cars in China. Some of these major road blocks for the entry of environment-friendly vehicles are the soaring high prices of such cars, reluctance of the consumers, and the lack infrastructures.

Basing from the industry estimates, environment-friendly cars, hybrid vehicles, and electric vehicles in China runs in a total of only a hundred thousand. Most of these vehicles are being used by people in the government fleets. So, if you are going to assess it, anyone can say that the figure is indeed small and targeting millions of green cars and vehicles running in the streets of China by 2020 seem like an elusive dream.

According to a Chinese salesman, basing from their sales last year, they were only able to sell 1 electric car and 2 hybrid cars. This is a strong indication that the people in China are hesitant to buy green cars and vehicles because of the expensive prices. And even if the country subsidies for these green cars, the lacking number of charging stations is another major concern that stops Chines people from buying such cars and vehicles.

To give solution to this problem, China is willing to spend one hundred billion Yuan for the next ten years so as to increase the existing 243 charging centers in the country. This project is expected to increase the number of people using “new energy” cars and vehicles in all the streets of China.

To make this project work, international auto manufacturers like GM or General Motors take part in the promotion of this new car technology in China. These foreign auto manufacturers are expected to start selling these cars by 2012 in the eight cities of China.

Porsche Panamera S Hybrid: A New Breed of Environment Friendly Vehicles

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Due to the skyrocketing cost of fuel it’s inevitable that car manufacturers will strive to continuously develop and introduce a more fuel efficient and environment friendly vehicle. The Porsche Company for instance has been developing their all new range of fuel efficient vehicles that features speed, style, and promotes enviro-friendly advocacy. Take for example their new Panamera S Hybrid, a direct fuel-injection engine that features a 3 liter V6 compressor combined with a 47 hp electric motor engine.  

The Panamera S Hybrid when using in pure electricity can run up to 75 kph depending on the traffic and road variables, this thing is perfect for short drives within the area or for short trip to the nearby restaurant and grocery store. A NiMh (nickel metal hydride) battery connects the electric motors and features an E-button and a start & stop function. Pressing the E-button accelerates the vehicle for a more comfortable ride, its auto start and stop function on the other hand automatically turn off the combustion engine during traffic jams and starts only if the electric power cannot support the acceleration.

Every S Hybrid includes 8 speed Triptonic-S gearbox that promotes comfortable driving since the gears can be spread widely and a 2 twin tailpipes exhaust system that’s lightweight and stylish. The engine emits almost no pollutants and runs silently without any obvious noise. A highly capable VTS or Vehicle Tracking System is installed for security and every Panamera models are equipped with full size airbags and knee airbags for the driver and the front passenger. An optional airbags at the rear side can also be requested.

This hybrid is one of the newest in the Porsche Panamera family; its break system is equipped with the 6-piston aluminum fixed-brake calipers in the front and a 4 piston calipers at the back. It also features an indicator informing you when the brake pads are required to be changed. For theft protection, all the models are equipped with alarm system and immobilizer, the systems secures all the entry points including the rear, the hood, the ignition, and the compartment. A state of the art electromechanical lock is engage when you remove the key making sure that no intruder can open any of the 4 doors.

This Porsche Hybrid has been seen in the UK market in June 2011 at £86,146. In Silverstone where Porsche Experience Center resides, every customer can take advantage of the complimentary courses that the company is offering in order to fully discover the potential of their Panamera Hybrid.

Exterior Styling: The Peugeot’s Stylish New 107

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It was yet another accomplishment for Peugeot as it releases its fresh new looks with lower emission. The stylish new 107 Peugeot is said to be introduced on February, year of 2012 featuring its new face with improved fuel mechanism, enhanced equipment, and upgraded interior and of course lower carbon dioxide emission.

The car even not yet being showcased is already making a lot of noises as it appeals to a lot of people who cannot wait to see the actual car. The new car has been developed using a better and advance technology by Peugeot’s car manufacturer.  It has been accomplished with triad-cylindrical petrol engine that will enable the car to lower carbon monitoring.  The car is considered as another one of the so-called green cars that is eco-friendly and efficient to use. Experts said the car is yet another breed of car that will work perfectly in our society and economy.

Peugeot New 107 being the “New Born” in the line of efficient cars does not only conquer the throne as being efficient but also stylish. Looking at the car’s archetype, the new and better restyled 107 never looked so fresh and new to the eyes. Changes on the exterior styling made the car look luxurious and will surely make a mark on the mind. With a deeper and lower front faced panel and added housing for fog lights, the car is redefined to its finest look. Other features include the stylish LED daytime lights and redefined front bumper.

As part of the major styling done in the Peugeot stylish New 107 is the Peugeot’s USB and Connect Bluetooth technology which offer an outstanding entertainment performance. The exterior styling offered a better range of equipment that improved the performance of the car to higher level. Air conditioning, rev counter and alloy wheels are added to maximize the overall statistics of the car. Car experts designed the car because of the rising demands on green cars that offers a positive benefit not only to the environment but as well to the owner.

Despite the car is said to be small, it is considered as a five door version that out sell other three door models. The luxurious packaging includes maximum interior space with compact wheelbase that enables the car of transporting about four people comfortably. Furthermore, the styling of the car promotes a youthful spirit with increased range of specification that will surely pass the standards of many people.

Green cars take the limelight at a Tokyo Automotive Show

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The green cars was put to spotlight recently at the Tokyo Automotive Show with renewed interest by Japan’s car makers in using fuel-efficient technology for their car models. Many Japan automakers agree that in order to revitalize economic growth after the tough times, diverting to fuel-efficient technology is the only way out of the crisis.
Taking the center stage at the Tokyo Automotive Show, Plug-in hybrids and electric cars magnified the growing popularity of green cars. But, in contrast to the stellar participation of the green cars, the car event loss some of its luster with the low attendance of foreign automakers.

In the past years, Japan saw its decreasing importance as an auto maker. Many car makers including Japan are directing their attentions to countries such as China, India and other countries with bigger growth potential.
It was noticed that Ford Motor Co. of the US missed the show while General Motors had only a small corner booth. This was seen as unrealistic to many observers as General Motors is one amongst the biggest and most influential car manufacturers in the US. Seen participating were a handful European car makers such as BMW which had a full-scale booth taking their bet at wooing affluent Japanese buyers.
During the past years, the Japanese had a few setbacks due to strong yen and busted image arising from Toyota’s extensive recall and the large production interruption caused by the calamity that struck the northeastern part of Japan. Nevertheless, green technology still remains the selling point for automobile makers like Toyota Motor Corporation. Toyota’s Prius ignited consumers’ positive reaction for gasoline-electric hybrid cars.

On the other hand, Honda Motors announced on the car show that by the middle of 2012, the electric adaptation of Fit subcompact will be available in the US and Japan. Honda also gave brief details of its newest concepts on green cars like the EV-STER electric roadster convertible, hybrid AC-X plug-in and Micro commuter which are actually a petite electric car.
Honda Motor’s President Takanobu Ito declared that his company would continue to give consumers cars with an edge while Nissan Motors shared their updated version of their Pivo 3, their futuristic-looking electric car.
With Japanese car makers increased and focused attention on green cars, Japanese car makers are very hopeful in bringing back Japan’s importance as car manufacturers and eventually has a good share of the market for green cars.

Green Cars

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Many people believe that the color of a car has a significant impact when it comes to drifting.  Nowadays, green cars are certainly one of the most popular modified cars in the racing arena. These cars also promote fuel efficiency, as well as the use of biodiesel. On the other hand, green-coated cars play a vital role in the field of the so-called visual motorsport. The world’s famous tuning company called Brabus has been an advocate of eco-friendly cars with the release of the Mercedes E220 CDI Blue Efficiency. The company also introduced the Green Package specifically for the project called Tesla Roadster Sport.

Mercedes-Benz E220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY

Recently, the new Acura NSX by Honda R&D America was showcased in a US auto event. It is one of the most anticipated supercars that will be commercially available around 2015. The manufacturer will be using the latest hybrid technology, as well as the all-wheel-drive system similar to the BMW i8 model. On the other hand, there are several modified green cars in the market including the green Caddy Bros 180SX, the 4 Real Works JZZ30 Soarer and FD3S RX7 by the 4 Real guys, and the S14 with a unique color combination. Another are the Crazy Run S13 that was featured recently, 3Up Mitsue-san in sedan model, the S13 coupe, and lastly is the Forrest Wang’s S14 which was seen at Horsethief mile event. Earlier this month, the Mansory tuning company collaborated with the owner of the new Aston Martin DBS.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

The complete transformation of this car was seen when they installed alloy wheels, entertainment system, as well as the customization of the entire interior packed with a complete body kit. Also, the Mercedes SLS AMG is a luxury sports car that will be available in the market soon. It is something that we should look forward that may be released sometime this year. There are several modifications on the design of the Mercedes SLS AMG including the front bumper, custom exhaust system, a more aggressive side skirts, catalytic converters, as well as the new splitter that can be seen on the front.
The Stallone edition of the Ferrari 599 just came out recently, which is also known as the Mansory 599 Stallone. It runs on 720 horses with 100bhp, which are much faster compared, to the typical 620 engines. It would be much exciting if they developed green cars that can be sold in the market. Indeed, there will be much more striking modified cars to be released this year and the coming years as well.

Isuzu Commercial Trucks Inc. Introduces B20 Biodiesel Blends Fuels Isuzu Trucks

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On a semi-annual event meeting held in Washington, members and officials of the NBB (National Biodiesel Board) proudly applauded the ever popular OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in announcing their support for biodiesel blends (B20) usage. The ICT (Isuzu Commercial truck) Inc., based in America declared that all models of diesel engines for 2011 are B20 or Biodiesel compatible and this includes the N-series models of trucks and Isuzu Reach, which is a commercial van. The newest model are said to be made compatible in using up to almost twenty percent biodiesel blends, which is very efficient and beneficial.  The event is significant for ICT (Isuzu Commercial truck) to be the first famous Asian manufacturer in approving the use of B20 in U.S spec engines for market.

According to Brian Tabel, ICT’s marketing retail manager, the announcement of Isuzu’s support for B20 came from three factors like growing demands of consumers for fuel, cooperative and extensive research projects about biodiesel blends done by Isuzu’s Japan and U.S. engineers  and lastly, improved industry and quality of biodiesel fuel.

Tabel stated that their customers at the ICT in America are requesting for the approval of the B320 usage in the products. Now, due to growing demands, the organization is very happy in making the request a reality thus bringing the biodiesel B20 in capability with the growing U.S. market.

The announcement of Isuzu is yet considered timely because of the ramping up of the industry of U.S. biodiesel in the biggest year ever. There is an expected production of volumes ranging from eight hundred million gallons of the said biodiesel. The rapid ramp up of the production is made in order to meet the requirements of EPA’s RFS-2 (Renewable Fuel Standard) program. The biodiesel is said to contain special mixes of feedstocks in an increasing manner; it is considered a fuel that is produced within a commercial volume scale, which is qualified as the advanced biofuel.

The cost-effectiveness and sustainability of biodiesel are said to be domestically produced with renewable factors, which appeal to the ICT and consider it as an option for a different power train. Tabel added a statement that they are looking for better ways in lessening the environmental footprint and improving the economy of fuel; this way customers will be more benefited in affording fuel efficient B20 vehicle rather than hybrid vehicles, which are expensive. “Biodiesel really make sense” says Tabel.

Microhybrid: The Newest Class Of Green Cars

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According to a recent survey, there is a rise in numbers of new cars that are being created every year, although Chevy Volt aims in becoming the new model for consumers, the birth of a new hybrid vehicle was said to offer promising efficiency that will emerge as a potential car for this generation. The breed of car is said to offer fuel efficient compared to other vehicles that run by gasoline and of which is cheaper than the Volt model and other vehicles.

A New Class Of Green Cars

The said vehicle was called the Microhybrids or referred to as the stop-start car. The efficient car was named as is because of the turning off of its combustion engines as the car stops. The combustion engine was said to stop during intersection one the light goes red. The mechanism relies on battery in keeping the radio, air condition and other devices running and as well as kick-starting the engine once the light turns back to green.

Advocates of Microhybrid stated that the car is capable of delivering better and efficient fuel economy at about five to ten percent, which therefore has a tailpipe emission, which is lower. Surprisingly, the microhybrids increased its popularity and popularly embraced in places in Europe. Europe chose this type as very efficient because they highly compliment plans on emission-reduction. The streak of this said Microhybrids does not stop, which is making its way in China, Japan and now in United States. The honored Federal government highly advices the adaption of the car and propose a new standard in the fuel economy last November which is said to be promoting the usage of vehicles with electric technology. Moreover, it states that nudge automakers should be rolling out even more car that is fuel efficient.

According to Kevin See, analysts of Lux Research, Microhybrids continuous to ravage popularity as an estimate of five million were sold worldwide which by then recorded and publish as the new report of microhybrids. Kevin See now, expects the growth of about 39 million of vehicles in the year 2017.

Microhybrids are attractive options by many people due to several reasons like, the designs do not require serious modification which means that its affordable and easy familiarity that consumers does not require much time in learning driving the car. Microhybrid is arguably offers the cheapest way that automakers can cut down the cost thus making it affordable and safe to consumers and the environment.

Driving More Efficiently

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Driving More Efficiently

Fuel Economy has always been an important topic among car owners as everybody wants to know gastronomic characteristic of their vehicles. The second topic they want to verify is how to reduce car’s tastes and increase fuel economy. As per experts fuel economy in cars is the amount of petrol required to move a vehicle over a given distance. It is usually measured by the amount of fuel used per unit distance like amount of miles per gallon or the number of litres of fuel used for 100 kilometres. The lower value means better fuel economy as it takes less fuel to drive the same distance. Fuel economy is not a defined amount as it may vary greatly based on the place you drive, way you drive, and other various factors. It is not possible for you set of estimates to predict your car’s appetite exactly in all environments and for every driver. From the other hand factors that reduce fuel economy are all the same. Hard acceleration and braking, Excessive idling, accelerating, and braking in stop-and-go traffic, cold weather (engines are more efficient when warmed up), Improperly tuned engine or under inflated tires, driving with a heavy load or with the air conditioner running will definitely increase the gastronomic appetites of your ride. There are various steps you can make to lower the amount of gas you use on any journey without driving like a miser.

Driving more efficiently Although there may be evidence that accelerating hard to 2000rpm could save you fuel, accelerating to the red line in every gear will certainly not. In general, try to keep a constant speed where possible by judging potential reasons to slow down in the road ahead and react to them, avoiding rapid changes in momentum. Aggressive driving wastes gas. It can lower your gas mileage by 5 percent in town and by 33 percent at highways. Sensible driving is also safer for you and others, so you may save more than gas money. If you’re slowing down and accelerating the whole time, fuel bills will go through the roof. While each vehicle reaches its optimal fuel economy at a different speed, gas mileage usually decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 mph. Avoid keeping unnecessary car accessories in your vehicle, especially heavy ones. Cruise control on the highway helps you maintain a constant speed and will save petrol as well. Cars with larger engines typically waste more gas at idle than do cars with smaller engines. When you use overdrive gearing, your car’s engine speed goes down. This saves gas and reduces engine wear.

Keep your car well maintained Correct service intervals will keep your car running efficiently. New air filters will allow the free flow of air necessary for efficient fuel combustion, clean fuel filters provide a steady stream of petrol to the cylinders, and shiny new spark plugs will provide the spark needed to set the whole thing off. The efficient burn of the fuel air mix is the main benefit here. That will allow more power to be extracted from a set volume of fuel. A new air filter alone could increase fuel consumption up to 10%. Fixing a car that is noticeably out of tune or has failed an emissions test can improve its gas mileage by an average of 4 percent, though results vary based on the kind of repair and how well it is done. Underinflated tyres need more energy to roll. You can improve your gas mileage by around 3.3 percent by keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure. Properly inflated tyres are also key to providing optimum levels of grip, so it’s worth checking periodically. Also you can improve your gas mileage by 1-2 percent by using the manufacturer’s recommended grade of motor oil.

Hybrid cars are the best option currently for those who want speed and great fuel economy. These models combine electrical and gasoline engine components to create something which does not feel like an electric car at all. Hybrid vehicles recapture wasted energy during breaking, shut off gasoline power during idle periods, and utilize gas and electric power simultaneously to reduce the total amount of fuel consumed. All of these factors combined result in fuel ratings of over 50mpg, as well as lower emissions. Gas prices continue to increase, with no end in sight. This trend further accentuates the need for every human to purchase more fuel efficient cars. Having an automobile with good fuel economy is not only helpful in saving money, but it is also an integral part of repairing the environment.