Green Cars Paving the Way for Cleaner Environment

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With rising gas prices and the worsening global warming situation, car manufacturers are taking the initiative to curb greenhouse gas emissions.  Manufacturing more and more of these green cars is expected to help abate current environmental degradation trends, whilst helping motorists save on fuel and money. These green vehicles, which include cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and others, are designed to be fuel-efficient, comfortable and affordable. They are made up of parts and materials that are not very harmful to the environment. These vehicles are considered environment-friendly, as they do not contribute to pollution that much. Several car manufacturers are preparing their own fleets of green cars, as motorists await them.
Mitsubishi is set to roll out the Mirage, a compact car that comes with a one-liter engine. It’s different from the kei car, which has a 660cc motor. The Mirage aiming to reach 63.9mpg and will likely be more affordable than kei cars. Mitsubishi focused on keeping the car as light in weight as possible by equipping the engine bay with high performance steel. 
Honda, on the other hand, plans to expand the production of its Fit Hybrid line in Thailand. Moreover, it is set to launch three new hybrid models in China namely the Honda CR-Z, the Honda Insight, and the Honda Fit Hybrid. The production of such vehicles is part of the manufacturer’s environmental efforts. Meanwhile, Nissan is not letting itself be left behind as it boosted its line of green cars with the addition of 10 new LEAF models. The vehicles are designed to reduce carbon footprint, which can be very bad for the environment.
The new GreenTech models are what will push Skoda’s environmental campaign further. The new model features, a start-up technology that has the ability to lessen fuel consumption by 9%. GreenTech also boasts of brake energy recuperation, as well as tires with low rolling resistance. When it comes to trucks, Volvo is now pinning its hopes on natural gas to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Volvo will launch a 13-liter heavy-duty liquefied natural gas engine for its truck fleet. The engine, which is expected to be released in 2014, has high-pressure direct technology. With it, fuel efficiency will likely improve by 30%, while greenhouse gas emissions can go down by around 20%.
These are just some of the green vehicles that everyone should watch out for. Given the current condition of the environment, everyone can play a role in protecting and preserving it. Using an environment-friendly car is one of the little things people can do for the environment.

Green Car: The Great Alternative

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A lot of people are now feeling the pressure of an intense fuel crisis mounting worldwide. Due to high fuel prices, a lot of motorists had instead sold their cars or had switched to other vehicle types that can guzzle an affordable source of fuel.  Luckily, car companies had found a way to still rescue their market and yet still make a difference in a world where oil has cruel necessity: They created green cars.
Green cars are unlike any conventional cars that we see every day. A conventional car works using an internal combustion engine, which burns fossil fuel to create kinetic energy. The problem with burning with fossil fuel is that it’s non-renewable, which means that once it’s gone, it’s not coming back. Green cars try to do what conventional cars can’t do, which use renewable energy to convert into electrical energy or use substitute fuel as a way to power itself.
There are actually many types of green cars. There are green car types that depend on electricity and with less petroleum consumptions such as fuel cell-powered hydrogen autos and electric cars.  There are also the hybrid electric vehicles or hybrid cars that partly run on a fossil fuel and hydrogen or electric power source. But while the motor market has create its own new line of green cars, people using conventional cars are improving them by turning them into green cars, by mixing two renewable energies in one housing. In some countries, motorists are converting their cars to not only work with diesel but also with biodiesel, which has less emission.
There are many benefits to using green cars. First of all, green cars are environment-friendly and can help in preventing climate change and global warming as it cuts a lot of your carbon emissions compared to that of a conventional car. Second, aside from causing less pollution, green cars don’t give problems for the general public, as it doesn’t emit smog. You not only get to use your car, but you also get to help the next generation of green drivers able to smell fresh air. Lastly, green cars save you tons of money worth of fuel compared to using a conventional car.
A lot of countries are now getting into the trend into green cars. In fact, some countries are imposing strict laws for the provision of green cars to stop the need of petroleum once and for all.

Lexus Takes Advantage to Drive Engines for Green Technology

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Rear suspensions in CT 200h give the definition of a clean design. Compact double-wishbone rear suspension architectural structure implements low-mount coil springs to widen the space while the front suspensions maneuver the handling better.  Lateral performance damper system is added to minimize vibrations and allows the driver to experience comfort while driving.
Exterior styling in CT 200h artwork blends a truly deluxe theme. Grille and LED headlamps are used for an excellent touch to green environment. Not only it exposes aerodynamic facility but also unfolds elegance to the entire view. Halogen LED lamps are placed on the front and back rears.
The profile gets even more environmental-friendly for high-tech gizmo accessories inside the vehicle. What’s amazing is that the HDD Navigation system, Bluetooth device and voice command system are designed for the purpose of simplifying tasks. Lexus specializes using telematics system which enhances the safety connect features of the vehicle.
Exclusive attachment of bamboo and resin to speakers only features the first vehicle to have it and can be found in Lexus brand. You can also connect wireless devices that detect Bluetooth connectivity to play tracks from your playlist in either Android or Apple smart phones. Even Apps for navigation is also reliable for the wireless device to steer a unique driving experience.

Lexus Green Vehicles

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Lexus takes advantage to drive engines for green technology. The exceptional brand of Lexus hybrids has dedicated it to auto markets and how extensive technology can dominate the new terrains of ultra-low emissions engine.  Car owners are reliable to the environment nowadays due to the fact that vehicle exhausts are to be blamed for polluting the air. Until recent years, when hybrid technology emerges in to all car models especially Lexus, engineering switches the system from utilizing diesel to environmental-friendly electric-powered solutions.
Lexus introduces the CT 200h that is designed to drive away pollution and refine the outcomes of luxury auto. With CT models elaborating the production of low emissions, engines are now built for the purpose of greater efficiency. In this case, the engine made from Atkinson-cycle utilizes 4-valves along with Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence (VVT-I). With a total horsepower of 134, the vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a close count of 10 seconds.
Another component that makes CT 200h a revolutionized auto is the heat recovery system. The concept modulates the coolant system within the exhaust gases that demands the operation period for the hybrid engine time to function. The two-motor system within the cavity also yields Electronically-controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (E-CVT) to compress the mechanical sounds of the engine to a much smoother task.