Top Green Cars 2012

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Introducing Toyota’s entry-level hybrid model called the Prius C. The new Prius C model is one of Toyota’s hybrid lineup green cars that will be coming out in the market by March this year.  One of the major highlights of the new Prius C model is the 1.5-liter petrol-electric drivetrain. With this new feature, the new Prius C will be one of the most fuel-efficient greens these days. This new development is expected to utilize below 3.0-liter per 100km of fuel which is very efficient in terms of city fuel economy. The Toyota Prius C features a 5-door and Yaris-sized green car that is specifically designed for young drivers. Meanwhile, Prius V model is one of Toyota’s hybrid models that are scheduled to be released in May this year. The new Prius V is a 7-seater hybrid car that is powered by a 1.8L petrol-electric engine that is capable to produce up to 100kW. It is expected to consume 5.6 liter per 100km, which will be available primarily in the United States. There are several highlights of the new Prius V including the more compact lithium-ion batteries, and the significant decrease in fuel consumption. Toyota’s Prius models have many cosmetic upgrades and revisions particularly in the exterior styling. On the other hand, there will be no particular increase in the fuel utilization as the anticipated consumption remains at its standard level. 
A new BMW hybrid sedan is set to release in the second quarter this year. BMW is planning to introduce the first of its 5-Series ActiveHybrid cars in the market. The new BMW green car model is powered by 3.0L turbocharged 6-cylinder engine that has an electric motor as well. This new engine is expected to produce 250kW per 450Nm of power output. One of the main highlights of the new BMW hybrid sedan is the 8-speed auto standard with a maximum consumption of 6.4-liter per 100km. It has a cargo capacity of up to 150L with its boot-mounted battery bank upgrade.
Everyone is looking forward to the new Nissan Leaf electric car that will be available by mid-year. The world-famous Japanese brand has been awarded as last year’s world car of the year for the Corolla-sized plug-in hatchback. This new model features an entirely electric drivetrain that is capable to produce 80kW of power, as well as 280Nm of torque. The Nissan Leaf electric car can charge for a maximum of 8 hours using a standard 240-volt plug. The market value of this green car starts at $51,500.

Renault to Produce Electric Vehicles in China

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Renault, a French automaker is pushing a bid to produce electric cars in China. The bid is also for selling its luxury cars in China considered as the world’s largest auto market. The French car company is on its bid to improve its sales that has been logging behind other car makes of its class. 
With this development, Renault is pinned to bring in electric cars in China and at the same time have a fair share for its luxury cars. The company has posted a small fraction of sales in China with 24,000 units sold. Renault is bent on increasing its relatively fair market share in the market that has the biggest slice of the global market.
Renault is pushing their luxury cars alongside with the green cars with a big enthusiasm for their 2014 renewed fleet. The French automaker is slating their high end line in China in the soonest time.
Renault is teaming up with China’s Local car factory Dongfeng somewhere in the Central Wuhan State. Dongfeng is currently having car -making agreement with Nissan. It is a practice that foreign companies must have partnership with a local company before any on-going agreement can be materialized.
Renault on the other hand is not divulging any details to avoid speculations that may affect the negotiations and closely in saying the deal could be signed this year and the production to start in 2014 in China.
During the past years, Renault has built partnerships with different automakers to achieve its zero-emission products. It has entered partnership deals with different countries such as Denmark, Portugal, Israel and latest with Japan for its Nissan partnership.

Carlos Ghosn

Renault is one of the leading and pioneering in electric car building. The automaker is also famous for its formula 1 and luxury cars. Renault owns the Renault Samsung Motors and Automobile Dacia, Korean and Romanian car companies respectively. Renault also has alliances with Daimler AG and acquired 1.55% of Daimler shares. Renault has successfully helped AutoVaz with partnership agreement, lending its technology in modernizing AutoVaz vehicles. Carlos Ghosn leads as Chairman and CEO for the company.
Carlos Ghosn is optimistic that the deal with China will bring the results as the company expected and perceived. He stated that in the past years, Renault has achieved its goal of bringing new leash of life to automakers and this time, the China deal will bring a renewed interest for Renault vehicles and other products.

Geneva Motor Show Gives Spots to Green Cars

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Green cars will have special spots in Geneva motor show when the motor show opens in March 8, 2012. The much awaited motor show is slated for public view this coming March 8 and will end on March 18, 2012.

Car enthusiasts will have a grand time seeing for themselves the much-talked about cars such as Chevy Volt, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the Opel Ampura. However, the list does not stop from there, as the public will have a change to take a look at extra ordinary cars and automobiles. Not so ordinary cars like Zero Tracer, the Solo Wheel and the EVC-S5 will have an equally opportunity to shine at grab the limelight at the motor show once its doors open to the public. Geneva Motor Show is now on the fourth year of showcasing and spotlighting green cars.
The motor show will initially put on display vehicles with concepts running on personal-mobility and allows manufacturers to show off what they have been tinkering in secret in their factory. The motor show has extended its space for manufacturers to show off their production cars and demonstrate their high technology as well as ambitious car concepts and ideas.
Geneva Motor show releases the list of 20 exhibitors that includes Mercedes-Benz with their Vito E-Cell, Belumbury with their Dany. Belumbury is a first timer Italian exhibitor. Renault will display Zoe while Stark will get their share of the Green Pavilion with their Volties.

Geneva motor show organizers devoted the large center stand to the French’s Neoma, Moduleo and Titler. The Department of Yvelines of French heads the French Exhibitors. On the other hand, Nissan will proudly display their mighty green The Leaf.
In addition, Nokia will have a demonstration on how their hybrid street light uses technology in accordance with the ecology tag. Nokia is also scheduled to demonstrate their ecology navigation system, which is as earlier, has been receiving lots of curiosities from car enthusiast.
A great attraction for the show is the chance for guests to ride around the closed course and luckier ones will be able to ride out on the road. The lucky guest riders will have the change to drive Renault Fluence Z-E or the Ford transit Connect. They can choose between the Bollore’s Bluecar and C-Zero. The ride is of course courtesy of automakers that will be displaying more than 30 car models. All are set ready for testing and for comparing.
Guests and attendees will enjoy an hour of bistro and drinks before the show officially opens.

Advance Public Introduction for Honda’s All-Electric Fit EV

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The first to experience Honda’s all-electric Fit EV are the lucky ones in Google offices, Stanford University and the City of California and will serve as a primer for Honda’s advance public introduction. The distribution will start early this summer and the lucky ones will provide feedbacks for advanced research program and for driving. These feedbacks will be utilized in Honda’s quest for the future of the electric car and for the power trains developments.

Lucky recipients of the EV are looking forward in the future viability of the all electric particularly the Torrance government where the concept of EV is now under study for management and the usability of this type of vehicles on parks and recreation. The feasibility of whether all EV’s city fleet is the answers to the fuel efficiency issues as well as for green ecology advocacy would be realized.
Honda’s Jessica Fini has commented that Torrance city government is taking part in the program with a hope that it will have a good chance to be the first city of the future with its all-electric city fleet. The program also revolves around public education about electric vehicles awareness and for the development of the city’s charging facilities.
While Google will be using the all electric car as part of its company’s car-sharing program and will comprise Google’s G-Fleet as an alternative fuel vehicles for the said program. Google’s’ recipients will be in return providing Honda feedbacks regarding drivers’ assessment of the car including what they like and don’t like.
On the other hand, those in Stanford University will have the Fit EV as part of for the intriguing research program for human behavioral aspects on technology adoption. With Gasoline and electric fleet, Stanford drivers will be wearing types of electrodes, which aim to measure drivers’ reactions to car’s functions as well as its noises and other driving issues. On addition, those without the electrodes , drivers in select areas in California and Oregon will have the chance to experience Honda Fit EV as most of these select areas have charging facilities and have higher level of adoption and awareness for electric vehicles.
Consumers at the East Coast can avail the Fit EV by 2013 for $399 a month for a 3 year lease and all buyers can go to and fill out application and learn more about the car details and information.

Green Cars Hits the Roadblocks in China

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Shanghai – Both local and international makers of cars are in the verge of struggling particularly in the selling of environmental-friendly cars and vehicles in China, known as the world’s biggest vehicle market, even when the country’s capital city pumps billions of dollars into clean and pure energy.

According to reports, China wants and is aiming to have at least 5 million “new energy” cars and vehicles by 2020. With that figure, China is indeed on its way to making effective solutions that could possibly stop or reduce the problem on chronic pollutions that devastate the country. Green cars and vehicles running on the streets of China by that time will also decrease the reliance of people on imported oil.

However, there are major problems that are impending to stop the entry of these green cars in China. Some of these major road blocks for the entry of environment-friendly vehicles are the soaring high prices of such cars, reluctance of the consumers, and the lack infrastructures.

Basing from the industry estimates, environment-friendly cars, hybrid vehicles, and electric vehicles in China runs in a total of only a hundred thousand. Most of these vehicles are being used by people in the government fleets. So, if you are going to assess it, anyone can say that the figure is indeed small and targeting millions of green cars and vehicles running in the streets of China by 2020 seem like an elusive dream.

According to a Chinese salesman, basing from their sales last year, they were only able to sell 1 electric car and 2 hybrid cars. This is a strong indication that the people in China are hesitant to buy green cars and vehicles because of the expensive prices. And even if the country subsidies for these green cars, the lacking number of charging stations is another major concern that stops Chines people from buying such cars and vehicles.

To give solution to this problem, China is willing to spend one hundred billion Yuan for the next ten years so as to increase the existing 243 charging centers in the country. This project is expected to increase the number of people using “new energy” cars and vehicles in all the streets of China.

To make this project work, international auto manufacturers like GM or General Motors take part in the promotion of this new car technology in China. These foreign auto manufacturers are expected to start selling these cars by 2012 in the eight cities of China.

Porsche Panamera S Hybrid: A New Breed of Environment Friendly Vehicles

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Due to the skyrocketing cost of fuel it’s inevitable that car manufacturers will strive to continuously develop and introduce a more fuel efficient and environment friendly vehicle. The Porsche Company for instance has been developing their all new range of fuel efficient vehicles that features speed, style, and promotes enviro-friendly advocacy. Take for example their new Panamera S Hybrid, a direct fuel-injection engine that features a 3 liter V6 compressor combined with a 47 hp electric motor engine.

The Panamera S Hybrid when using in pure electricity can run up to 75 kph depending on the traffic and road variables, this thing is perfect for short drives within the area or for short trip to the nearby restaurant and grocery store. A NiMh (nickel metal hydride) battery connects the electric motors and features an E-button and a start & stop function. Pressing the E-button accelerates the vehicle for a more comfortable ride, its auto start and stop function on the other hand automatically turn off the combustion engine during traffic jams and starts only if the electric power cannot support the acceleration.

Every S Hybrid includes 8 speed Triptonic-S gearbox that promotes comfortable driving since the gears can be spread widely and a 2 twin tailpipes exhaust system that’s lightweight and stylish. The engine emits almost no pollutants and runs silently without any obvious noise. A highly capable VTS or Vehicle Tracking System is installed for security and every Panamera models are equipped with full size airbags and knee airbags for the driver and the front passenger. An optional airbags at the rear side can also be requested.

This hybrid is one of the newest in the Porsche Panamera family; its break system is equipped with the 6-piston aluminum fixed-brake calipers in the front and a 4 piston calipers at the back. It also features an indicator informing you when the brake pads are required to be changed. For theft protection, all the models are equipped with alarm system and immobilizer, the systems secures all the entry points including the rear, the hood, the ignition, and the compartment. A state of the art electromechanical lock is engage when you remove the key making sure that no intruder can open any of the 4 doors.

This Porsche Hybrid has been seen in the UK market in June 2011 at £86,146. In Silverstone where Porsche Experience Center resides, every customer can take advantage of the complimentary courses that the company is offering in order to fully discover the potential of their Panamera Hybrid.