Russia’s First Hybrids Car will Be Sold by the Year End of 2012

December 24, 2013 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Green Cars

Yes! You have heard the right news. One of the popular and the Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov’s is planning to sell of Russia’s first hybrids car which is runs on electricity by the end of the year 2012. This car claims to be estimated one and hence, there will not be any delay made to sell of the car. It is one of the amazing looking cars with great technologies and designs that you can come across. Not only this, it is available in less than $10,000 for the Russian public to get it at a great deal. This high fuel efficient car is also called as the Yo-mobile. As per the co owner of Yo Auto Prokhorov, the car is expected to be available for the common man at a cost friendly value. Besides, it is highly efficient too.
What is so special about the car?
The extended production of this car is around 45000 and more in a year from the factory itself. This factory is located near St. Petersburg and hope to get the double production once the first stage and the other stage gets completed efficiently.
Features to know about the car
It will be powered with the engine that runs on natural gas an gasoline as well
It comes with the electric motors pair
The internal-combustion gives the power directly to the motors rather than depending on the batters.
A rotary vane type engine installed
To conform how well efficient this car is, Putin took the three-mile test drive to the Russian President home. Looking at the positive response that has been decided so far, it seems that the car is going to gain good amount of profit in less span of time. So watch out the glimpse of this car and get the best one today.