Advance Public Introduction for Honda’s All-Electric Fit EV

February 20, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Green Cars

The first to experience Honda’s all-electric Fit EV are the lucky ones in Google offices, Stanford University and the City of California and will serve as a primer for Honda’s advance public introduction. The distribution will start early this summer and the lucky ones will provide feedbacks for advanced research program and for driving. These feedbacks will be utilized in Honda’s quest for the future of the electric car and for the power trains developments.

Lucky recipients of the EV are looking forward in the future viability of the all electric particularly the Torrance government where the concept of EV is now under study for management and the usability of this type of vehicles on parks and recreation. The feasibility of whether all EV’s city fleet is the answers to the fuel efficiency issues as well as for green ecology advocacy would be realized.
Honda’s Jessica Fini has commented that Torrance city government is taking part in the program with a hope that it will have a good chance to be the first city of the future with its all-electric city fleet. The program also revolves around public education about electric vehicles awareness and for the development of the city’s charging facilities.
While Google will be using the all electric car as part of its company’s car-sharing program and will comprise Google’s G-Fleet as an alternative fuel vehicles for the said program. Google’s’ recipients will be in return providing Honda feedbacks regarding drivers’ assessment of the car including what they like and don’t like.
On the other hand, those in Stanford University will have the Fit EV as part of for the intriguing research program for human behavioral aspects on technology adoption. With Gasoline and electric fleet, Stanford drivers will be wearing types of electrodes, which aim to measure drivers’ reactions to car’s functions as well as its noises and other driving issues. On addition, those without the electrodes , drivers in select areas in California and Oregon will have the chance to experience Honda Fit EV as most of these select areas have charging facilities and have higher level of adoption and awareness for electric vehicles.
Consumers at the East Coast can avail the Fit EV by 2013 for $399 a month for a 3 year lease and all buyers can go to and fill out application and learn more about the car details and information.

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