The Top Five Finalists for the Green Car of the Year Award

March 27, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Green Cars

The manufacturers know that when they join in the LA Auto show, they are indeed participating in one of the most eco-conscious events in the world. Just recently, the journal for green cars has just announced the Green Car Award of the Year in the City of Angels. 
The finalists actually came with different powertrains to contest and these include diesel, electric, natural gas, and hybrid. With all these characteristics, it has been proven that any of them can somewhat appealing and encouraging to all eco-friendly car drivers out there. The Top 5 Finalists are as follow:
Volkswagen Passat TDI
In the United States, Volkswagen is considered as one of the producers of eco-friendly cars. The green car community returns the favor as the TDI model has been perennially included in different eco concerns’ top choices. Although TDI didn’t win the title, at least it took home the Motor Trend 2012 Car of Year Award.
Mitsubishi i
The Mitsubishi i EV have been selling in the market of Japan since the year 2009 and it was in its side and longer form. This car is powered by a synchronous electrical motor and a pack of lithium-ion battery at 16 kwph. Its range is estimated at 62 miles but you get the assurance that you only get to consume a little energy on that testing. Priced at only $27,900, this car is several thousand lower than the popular Nissan Leaf.
Toyota Prius V
The list of green car finalists isn’t complete without Toyota Prius V. This model is practically considered as the grandfather of the modern powertrain vehicle. Prius is always included in green car journals and rivals many different types of small SUVs and crossovers.
Ford Focus Electric
EV enthusiasts cheered the moment Ford has announced its plans for its electric version of the popular Focus car. With the onboard charger, Ford Focus Electric is always on the go.
Honda Civic Natural Gas: The Winner
Honda Civic Natural Gas has bested the other finalists for the Green Car of the Year Award this year. There are many reasons why this car has garnered an almost synonymous verdict from the judges:
- It comes with the cleanest internal engine for combustion that has been certified by EPA
- Its natural gas is compressed and clean; it is almost domestically produced
- Designed to offer efficiency in a way that the driver needs not to pay much attention on it.