The 2013 Toyota Prius C Offers Users With A True Sub Compact

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The 2013 Prius C is one of the smallest, cheapest and most fuel efficient vehicles to have ever been offered by the Toyota family. It offers an amazing mileage of 53 m.p.g for city driving along with 46 m.p.g for highway driving and also features a lot more sporty look than the other models of the Prius. At a length of 157.3 inches, the 2013 Prius is about one and a half foot smaller than the normal Prius vehicles. It also offers decent cargo space of about 17.3 cubic feet and the hatchback version further increases the space for cargo. The Prius C is powered by a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine which provides an output of 73 horsepower and 82 lb – ft of torque. When teamed with the 60 horsepower electric motor, the vehicle provides a minimum of 99 combined horsepower at any given time. Moreover, the electric motor is located under the rear passenger seat which helps in greatly improving the center of gravity of the vehicle. Lastly, the vehicle boasts of 3 driving modes – the normal, Eco and EV mode.

The Exteriors And Interiors

The exteriors of the Prius C are quite similar to the previous versions of the Prius with the vertical tail lamps, the front fascia and the wind tunnel type style making it look almost like a replica of the previous model. The interiors are also in line with the Prius family. Its dashboard includes a center mounted instrument display panel. However, the typical floor mounted gear lever and the traditional center stack design give users indications of the cost cutting required to make it an extremely cheap option. The basic color used in the interiors is Black and the doors, seat surfaces and instrument panels have been given lighter colors to provide a striking contrast.

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