Renault to Produce Electric Vehicles in China

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Renault, a French automaker is pushing a bid to produce electric cars in China. The bid is also for selling its luxury cars in China considered as the world’s largest auto market. The French car company is on its bid to improve its sales that has been logging behind other car makes of its class. 
With this development, Renault is pinned to bring in electric cars in China and at the same time have a fair share for its luxury cars. The company has posted a small fraction of sales in China with 24,000 units sold. Renault is bent on increasing its relatively fair market share in the market that has the biggest slice of the global market.
Renault is pushing their luxury cars alongside with the green cars with a big enthusiasm for their 2014 renewed fleet. The French automaker is slating their high end line in China in the soonest time.
Renault is teaming up with China’s Local car factory Dongfeng somewhere in the Central Wuhan State. Dongfeng is currently having car -making agreement with Nissan. It is a practice that foreign companies must have partnership with a local company before any on-going agreement can be materialized.
Renault on the other hand is not divulging any details to avoid speculations that may affect the negotiations and closely in saying the deal could be signed this year and the production to start in 2014 in China.
During the past years, Renault has built partnerships with different automakers to achieve its zero-emission products. It has entered partnership deals with different countries such as Denmark, Portugal, Israel and latest with Japan for its Nissan partnership.

Carlos Ghosn

Renault is one of the leading and pioneering in electric car building. The automaker is also famous for its formula 1 and luxury cars. Renault owns the Renault Samsung Motors and Automobile Dacia, Korean and Romanian car companies respectively. Renault also has alliances with Daimler AG and acquired 1.55% of Daimler shares. Renault has successfully helped AutoVaz with partnership agreement, lending its technology in modernizing AutoVaz vehicles. Carlos Ghosn leads as Chairman and CEO for the company.
Carlos Ghosn is optimistic that the deal with China will bring the results as the company expected and perceived. He stated that in the past years, Renault has achieved its goal of bringing new leash of life to automakers and this time, the China deal will bring a renewed interest for Renault vehicles and other products.

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