New Infiniti Hybrid Model To Launch at New York Auto Show

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There are plenty of car manufacturers who are looking to go green with their new car models and with hordes of new hybrid and electric cars that are to release in the coming months, the auto industry will never be the same again. 2014 Infiniti QX60 Hybrid
Why Hybrid Cars?
Gone are the days when there was a genuine demand for diesel and gasoline cars. Now, it is the time to go green and many people have started using hybrid cars in order to do their bit to protect the environment and to prevent air pollution to a greater extent. One such car maker who is trying to introduce its new hybrid version car is Infiniti in the form of all new 2014 Infiniti QX 60 Hybrid.
Infiniti’s New Hybrid Car
The brand new version of Infiniti QX 60 Hybrid car is all set to launch on the 27th of March at the New York International Auto Show. This new car is the hybrid version of Infiniti’s popular QX 60 and the CUV is slated to go for sale during the summer. A lot of Infiniti car fans are waiting for the arrival of this premium hybrid model and are expecting it to make good sales this summer. 11 The non hybrid model of Infiniti X 60 2013 version is priced at $41, 250. It is expected that the Infiniti QX 60 hybrid car will be carrying a price tag of about $45,000 or at least $3000 more than the 2013 version of Infiniti QX 60 non hybrid 2013 version. This new hybrid car from Infiniti will come with front wheel drive or an optional four wheel drive and the customer will have the option to choose from either of the two and the price for all wheel drive vehicle would be slightly higher when compared to front wheel drive hybrid QX 60 car. A car this unique and sophisticated deserves the very best, and only authentic Infiniti Accessories and Parts should ever be your choice when making aftermarket additions.
Car Features
Infiniti’s brand-new Direct Response Hybrid system will power the hybrid QX 60 car and give the vehicle the superpower of a V6 engine and fuel economy of a four-cylinder engine.
2014 QX60 Hybrid would have a 2.5-liter boosted four-cylinder engine and electric motor that are anticipated to bring forth a combined 250 H.P., Copulated to an unendingly variable transmission.
The fresh Infiniti QX60 Hybrid is fancied to bring in twenty-six miles per gallon fuel saving.
2013 Infiniti FXThis would be the first three-row hybrid CUV offered in the United States market.
An Around View Monitor equipped in the car employs 4 cameras for the driver to get a 360-degree view around the car.
The Backup Collision Intervention feature would cease the car while in reverse whenever it notices something behind it.
With loads of rich features and most modern engine, Infiniti QX 60 hybrid version is all set to rule the roost once it is up for grabs during the summer. There is no doubt that there would be a huge demand for this hybrid car given the different sophisticated features and the great looks that the car possesses.


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