Microhybrid: The Newest Class Of Green Cars

January 20, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Green Cars

According to a recent survey, there is a rise in numbers of new cars that are being created every year, although Chevy Volt aims in becoming the new model for consumers, the birth of a new hybrid vehicle was said to offer promising efficiency that will emerge as a potential car for this generation. The breed of car is said to offer fuel efficient compared to other vehicles that run by gasoline and of which is cheaper than the Volt model and other vehicles.

A New Class Of Green Cars

The said vehicle was called the Microhybrids or referred to as the stop-start car. The efficient car was named as is because of the turning off of its combustion engines as the car stops. The combustion engine was said to stop during intersection one the light goes red. The mechanism relies on battery in keeping the radio, air condition and other devices running and as well as kick-starting the engine once the light turns back to green.

Advocates of Microhybrid stated that the car is capable of delivering better and efficient fuel economy at about five to ten percent, which therefore has a tailpipe emission, which is lower. Surprisingly, the microhybrids increased its popularity and popularly embraced in places in Europe. Europe chose this type as very efficient because they highly compliment plans on emission-reduction. The streak of this said Microhybrids does not stop, which is making its way in China, Japan and now in United States. The honored Federal government highly advices the adaption of the car and propose a new standard in the fuel economy last November which is said to be promoting the usage of vehicles with electric technology. Moreover, it states that nudge automakers should be rolling out even more car that is fuel efficient.

According to Kevin See, analysts of Lux Research, Microhybrids continuous to ravage popularity as an estimate of five million were sold worldwide which by then recorded and publish as the new report of microhybrids. Kevin See now, expects the growth of about 39 million of vehicles in the year 2017.

Microhybrids are attractive options by many people due to several reasons like, the designs do not require serious modification which means that its affordable and easy familiarity that consumers does not require much time in learning driving the car. Microhybrid is arguably offers the cheapest way that automakers can cut down the cost thus making it affordable and safe to consumers and the environment.

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