Honda releases bits of information on Accord 2013

December 27, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Green Cars

The public was able to take glimpses of the new Honda Accord 2013 when Honda releases the official photos of Accord 2013. The new Accord edition to hit dealer’s lot this fall is much curvier but still with conservative touches. 
The two-door Honda Accord looks like a twin of the Accord coupe version that was last shown early this year at the auto shows at Detroit and Toronto. Except for the absence of Chrome front fog light and some inches down from its original 20 inches rim concept, both are virtually the same. The new Honda Accord looks like to have more rooms in the inside for better handling, parking and for being a fuel-efficient small car. It will be also the first model to receive Honda’s new Earth Dream lineups of power trains that includes the new 2.4-liter four cylinder and direct injected engines. It will be paired with CVT and the newly revised 3.5-liter V-6 engines and consequently the 2.0-liter plug-in hybrid that offers gasoline-free drives up to 25 kilometer during full charge.
From the inside, the new Accord will have the HondaLink, the newest Japanese brand smart stereo allowing the access of music and text directly from Bluetooth enabled smartphones and also for the dash commands and steering wheels. It also allows voice-text messages and other pre-programmed responses exactly the same with MS Sync system designed for Ford. The Japanese car maker boasted that the new Honda Accord would allow users to have access to Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds or to have access to internet music however, there’s no information to what smart phone it will be available.
The price was not even mentioned by the Japanese car maker but most probably like the new Accords, it would fall to the average mark of $110,000 plus car. With its larger lithium-ion battery (six-kilowatts) than the 4.4 kw in some hybrid models like Prius, they allow provincial rebates could be much higher especially in Ontario and Quebec once it assumed to be eligible. This would allow a big reduction to buyers who intend to invest some money on hybrid cars. Since there is a presumed option that soon there will be new crops of upcoming plug-in cars that would eclipse the $2000 thousands marks.
The Honda is hoping that the new Honda Accord 2013 would stir the same interest on car enthusiasts especially those who are after fuel efficient cars.