Green cars take the limelight at a Tokyo Automotive Show

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The green cars was put to spotlight recently at the Tokyo Automotive Show with renewed interest by Japan’s car makers in using fuel-efficient technology for their car models. Many Japan automakers agree that in order to revitalize economic growth after the tough times, diverting to fuel-efficient technology is the only way out of the crisis.
Taking the center stage at the Tokyo Automotive Show, Plug-in hybrids and electric cars magnified the growing popularity of green cars. But, in contrast to the stellar participation of the green cars, the car event loss some of its luster with the low attendance of foreign automakers.

In the past years, Japan saw its decreasing importance as an auto maker. Many car makers including Japan are directing their attentions to countries such as China, India and other countries with bigger growth potential.
It was noticed that Ford Motor Co. of the US missed the show while General Motors had only a small corner booth. This was seen as unrealistic to many observers as General Motors is one amongst the biggest and most influential car manufacturers in the US. Seen participating were a handful European car makers such as BMW which had a full-scale booth taking their bet at wooing affluent Japanese buyers.
During the past years, the Japanese had a few setbacks due to strong yen and busted image arising from Toyota’s extensive recall and the large production interruption caused by the calamity that struck the northeastern part of Japan. Nevertheless, green technology still remains the selling point for automobile makers like Toyota Motor Corporation. Toyota’s Prius ignited consumers’ positive reaction for gasoline-electric hybrid cars.

On the other hand, Honda Motors announced on the car show that by the middle of 2012, the electric adaptation of Fit subcompact will be available in the US and Japan. Honda also gave brief details of its newest concepts on green cars like the EV-STER electric roadster convertible, hybrid AC-X plug-in and Micro commuter which are actually a petite electric car.
Honda Motor’s President Takanobu Ito declared that his company would continue to give consumers cars with an edge while Nissan Motors shared their updated version of their Pivo 3, their futuristic-looking electric car.
With Japanese car makers increased and focused attention on green cars, Japanese car makers are very hopeful in bringing back Japan’s importance as car manufacturers and eventually has a good share of the market for green cars.

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