Green Cars: Road to Saving the Environment

June 26, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Green Cars

Another green technology that has becoming widespread all over the world is the Electronic car.  This technology gives the user zero emissions by using electricity as its source of power.
Ethanol is an alternative fuel used to power up cars. It is usually made from corn, sugar cane and other types of woody grasses. It is the same type of alcohol found on alcoholic beverages.
Another type of green technology is the Hydrogen car or the Hydrogen Fueled Cells. There have been some cars that are directly made by manufacturers as hydrogen cars and it is efficient with zero emissions.

Natural Gas made from clean burning fossils is also one of the alternative fuels developed in part of the green technology. It is usually in the form of liquid and sometimes in the form of a compressed gas. There is also the use of Biodiesel where you can use different organic oils.

Plug-in Hybrids is an efficient green technology. It is a technology where in your car can run for a mile using electricity alone in spite of the combination of gasoline engine and electric motor.
And one of the most promising of them all is the Air Powered cars. Wherein there is nothing used but compressed air. It is currently being tried and developed on the road on parts of Europe