Green Cars Hits the Roadblocks in China

February 15, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Green Cars

Shanghai – Both local and international makers of cars are in the verge of struggling particularly in the selling of environmental-friendly cars and vehicles in China, known as the world’s biggest vehicle market, even when the country’s capital city pumps billions of dollars into clean and pure energy.

According to reports, China wants and is aiming to have at least 5 million “new energy” cars and vehicles by 2020. With that figure, China is indeed on its way to making effective solutions that could possibly stop or reduce the problem on chronic pollutions that devastate the country. Green cars and vehicles running on the streets of China by that time will also decrease the reliance of people on imported oil.

However, there are major problems that are impending to stop the entry of these green cars in China. Some of these major road blocks for the entry of environment-friendly vehicles are the soaring high prices of such cars, reluctance of the consumers, and the lack infrastructures.

Basing from the industry estimates, environment-friendly cars, hybrid vehicles, and electric vehicles in China runs in a total of only a hundred thousand. Most of these vehicles are being used by people in the government fleets. So, if you are going to assess it, anyone can say that the figure is indeed small and targeting millions of green cars and vehicles running in the streets of China by 2020 seem like an elusive dream.

According to a Chinese salesman, basing from their sales last year, they were only able to sell 1 electric car and 2 hybrid cars. This is a strong indication that the people in China are hesitant to buy green cars and vehicles because of the expensive prices. And even if the country subsidies for these green cars, the lacking number of charging stations is another major concern that stops Chines people from buying such cars and vehicles.

To give solution to this problem, China is willing to spend one hundred billion Yuan for the next ten years so as to increase the existing 243 charging centers in the country. This project is expected to increase the number of people using “new energy” cars and vehicles in all the streets of China.

To make this project work, international auto manufacturers like GM or General Motors take part in the promotion of this new car technology in China. These foreign auto manufacturers are expected to start selling these cars by 2012 in the eight cities of China.

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