Geneva Motor Show Gives Spots to Green Cars

February 22, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Green Cars

Green cars will have special spots in Geneva motor show when the motor show opens in March 8, 2012. The much awaited motor show is slated for public view this coming March 8 and will end on March 18, 2012.

Car enthusiasts will have a grand time seeing for themselves the much-talked about cars such as Chevy Volt, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the Opel Ampura. However, the list does not stop from there, as the public will have a change to take a look at extra ordinary cars and automobiles. Not so ordinary cars like Zero Tracer, the Solo Wheel and the EVC-S5 will have an equally opportunity to shine at grab the limelight at the motor show once its doors open to the public. Geneva Motor Show is now on the fourth year of showcasing and spotlighting green cars.
The motor show will initially put on display vehicles with concepts running on personal-mobility and allows manufacturers to show off what they have been tinkering in secret in their factory. The motor show has extended its space for manufacturers to show off their production cars and demonstrate their high technology as well as ambitious car concepts and ideas.
Geneva Motor show releases the list of 20 exhibitors that includes Mercedes-Benz with their Vito E-Cell, Belumbury with their Dany. Belumbury is a first timer Italian exhibitor. Renault will display Zoe while Stark will get their share of the Green Pavilion with their Volties.

Geneva motor show organizers devoted the large center stand to the French’s Neoma, Moduleo and Titler. The Department of Yvelines of French heads the French Exhibitors. On the other hand, Nissan will proudly display their mighty green The Leaf.
In addition, Nokia will have a demonstration on how their hybrid street light uses technology in accordance with the ecology tag. Nokia is also scheduled to demonstrate their ecology navigation system, which is as earlier, has been receiving lots of curiosities from car enthusiast.
A great attraction for the show is the chance for guests to ride around the closed course and luckier ones will be able to ride out on the road. The lucky guest riders will have the change to drive Renault Fluence Z-E or the Ford transit Connect. They can choose between the Bollore’s Bluecar and C-Zero. The ride is of course courtesy of automakers that will be displaying more than 30 car models. All are set ready for testing and for comparing.
Guests and attendees will enjoy an hour of bistro and drinks before the show officially opens.

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