Ford Focus Zetec EcoBoost.2

June 11, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Green Cars

Commendable Green Credentials
The Ford Focus Zetec EcoBoost’s engine is a piece of excellence in the green car industry.  It perfectly blends superb refinement, inventiveness, and parsimony. Due to its small size, the engine can warm up in no time, while the three cylinders greatly cut down pumping losses as well as friction. Due to the unwillingness of the engine to stop, Ford has modified and enhanced its automatic stop-start system to effectively save fuel. On top of this, the direct fuel injections as well as the advanced turbo-charging system also contribute in reducing the engine’s thirst for fuel. The materials used in the sound insulation came from recycled cotton fibers. Not only that, recycled plastics also are partly used in manufacturing some of the heating pipes, battery housing, wheel arch liners, and carpets.
Exterior Style
Although some expert exterior tuners and designers are suggesting that the Ford Focus Zetec EcoBoost looks better in bright colors, its over-all exterior design and appearance is acceptable in the green car industry. With its dimension of 4,359 mm by 1,868 (length by width), the air vents, which is tri-angular, in each side is a nice touch.
The Ford Focus Zetec EcoBoost comes with a price tag of £17,745. Although it is not cheap compared to other green cars available in the market today, you will enjoy its central locking capability, wheels made from alloy, power steering, superb air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity, electrically powered door mirrors and many more. This Ford is also covered by a three-year warranty or 60,000 mile warranty.