Ford Focus Zetec EcoBoost.1

June 11, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Green Cars

Ford Focus Zetec EcoBoost: Ford’s Green Car Forte. Ford has released another ground breaking green car in the form of Ford Focus Zetec EcoBoost. With the car’s 1-litre petrol Focus EcoBoost, it is capable to reach a near sixty mpg! Added by the touch of hybrid technology, the end results show inexpensive, no complication, and lesser weight. Overall, the Ford Focus Zetec EcoBoost’s engine undergoes a magnificent refinement, which leads to a game-changer in the green car industry.

Above Average Performance
The car’s sheer acceleration is very impressive. The astounding three-cylinder that is turbo charged 1-litre engine can yield up to 123 brake horsepower, at 6,000 rotations per minute. Also, the engine boasts its “overboost” function that can heighten the torque from 125 lbs ft to 148 lbs ft in just 25-30 seconds. This will guarantee its driver for a speedy overtaking ability. In addition, the engine top speed is recorded at 120 mph so you can reach the acceleration to 62 mph in just 11.3 seconds.