Falling Gas Prices Make Hybrid Cars Cheaper

June 18, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Green Cars

According to Jonathan Banks, Senior Analyst for NADA, hybrid vehicles  are always expected to depreciate after the surge in gas prices reaches its peak and falls back down. And this could mean a golden opportunity for car owners who are eyeing a fuel efficient or hybrid car. Now that most car owners are less concerned about the price of gas, the demand for hybrid vehicles are also expected to go down. And that leads to the decline in their average value for retail.

2011 Toyota Prius C Concept

According to the recent report from the National Automobile Dealers Association, the prices for hybrid, midsize and small cars will get cheaper by $300 to $900 in June. A good example is the 2009 Honda Civic that is expected to be $600 cheaper. A 2011 Toyota Prius is expected to cut $900 from its regular price. All of these predictions will take place in June.
The AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report says that today’s fuel prices are 20 cents cheaper than the previous month. The average national fuel price for unleaded gasoline is $3.61 per gallon, which is a major change from the first quarters of the year wherein lots of analysts projected that gas prices would reach $4 per gallon at the very least.
However, Detroit News reported that there are less used vehicles in the market generally. In line with it, the prices for hybrid cars are still high. This conclusion is backed up with their details saying that between 2009 and 2011, fewer Americans bought new vehicles.  Last year’s demand for popular vehicles have also resulted to fewer vehicles that return to the market. There are fewer trade-ins too. So even if the demand goes low, the supply remains low. Car owners cannot just sleep and by a hybrid the next day.
To get the best car deals, car buyers are still recommended to look diligently in the websites of automobile authorities. Whether one is looking for a used or a brand new car, reading reviews will still be useful. Look for great car deals in your local area.
Now that the prices can go up with just a blink of an eye, it is important to note that these details remain as predictions. Who knows, the price of gas can again surge up by July and the prices for cars may follow quickly. This month could really be the best time to get a more efficient car.