DIY Electric Car Now Available in Japan

August 01, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Green Cars

The car comes in a sporty design and available in six colors. It looks like it rides high, until you realize that it is much smaller than regular cars, even compared to Japanese sub-compact models. Without the body, it looks like a slightly large go-kart, and the body rides higher as well. It’s possible that further modification can convert this to an even smaller electric go-kart with better performance numbers. However, as it is, it does serve the purpose it was designed for.
Because the Pius comes in a kit, the prospective owners and students would not have any problem trouble-shooting the vehicle or modifying it. Contemporary electric car design has resulted in various permutations of engine and battery pack placement. More advanced electric cars also make use of electric motors, which harness the brake to generate energy. Additionally, most electric cars have electric engines running each of the wheels. Battery packs on higher performance electric cars are also placed in almost all nooks and crannies of the vehicle. The design makes the Pius one of the lightest commercially available electric cars. With a bare bones construction, it should be easy to create a second project for the Pius, extending its range and performance characteristics.