Color Your Car Green.2

June 05, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Green Cars

Green Garage also offers a package called the “Drive Epic” which is the most expensive green car tuning package that costs $300. This package provides an oil change and biodegradable engine additive, energy-saving spark plugs and nitrogen-filled tires. The energy-saving spark plugs are efficient in reducing emissions up to 25 percent. The “Drive Effect” package also includes energy intervention inspection, which provides the necessary information on how you can lower you consumption on your fuel.
The Green Garage is orienting to reorganize the ideas and image of car repair shops with this new improvement on green car tuning. This new car tuning idea is the new trend in the world of automobiles. It is hip and it is good for everyone.
What’s more is that, the revenues are increasing into doubles at the Denver Green Garage every two months after a few months since the shop opened. Sales also have boomed up to 400 percent in Boulder Green Garage in one year. It has been getting more private investors and an advisory board. More good news is that, the Green Garage company is planning to sell franchises over the country. This means that it is now more accessible to tune-up your car to becoming eco-friendly.