Russia’s First Hybrids Car will Be Sold by the Year End of 2012

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Yes! You have heard the right news. One of the popular and the Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov’s is planning to sell of Russia’s first hybrids car which is runs on electricity by the end of the year 2012. This car claims to be estimated one and hence, there will not be any delay made to sell of the car. It is one of the amazing looking cars with great technologies and designs that you can come across. Not only this, it is available in less than $10,000 for the Russian public to get it at a great deal. This high fuel efficient car is also called as the Yo-mobile. As per the co owner of Yo Auto Prokhorov, the car is expected to be available for the common man at a cost friendly value. Besides, it is highly efficient too.
What is so special about the car?
The extended production of this car is around 45000 and more in a year from the factory itself. This factory is located near St. Petersburg and hope to get the double production once the first stage and the other stage gets completed efficiently.
Features to know about the car
It will be powered with the engine that runs on natural gas an gasoline as well
It comes with the electric motors pair
The internal-combustion gives the power directly to the motors rather than depending on the batters.
A rotary vane type engine installed
To conform how well efficient this car is, Putin took the three-mile test drive to the Russian President home. Looking at the positive response that has been decided so far, it seems that the car is going to gain good amount of profit in less span of time. So watch out the glimpse of this car and get the best one today.

Toyota is Now Counted After Ford has Released Plug-In Hybrids

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The recent news has come up which stated that the ford is soon palning t overtake Toyota with regard to the overall deliveries that were made. Ford C-Max Energi and Fusion Energi manage to earn a good sale around which added to nearly 2,179 vehicles. The estimated range that was made stated those nearly 1,092 sales was made for the C-Max Energi and for the Fusion Energi it was 1,087 sales. All these things were made in the month of October in which both the Energi models shocked with a good selling rate of 1,000 units in 2013. As compared to this Chevey could manage to sell the total 2,022 volt cars whereas Toyota Prius Plug could manage to sell 2,095 units of car. This proves that ford has beaten the brands like Toyota and Chevy in much affirmative manner.
What Made ford on the Top
The invention of the C-MAX hybrids included the advanced technologies which made it look the bets in Official Car of the 2013 International CES. The motor company also introduced the fuel economy in all the cars that was an eye catching part for all the customers. Both the version of the Ford Model was focuses as the Hybrids car with the best possible features.
Features that were showcased by Ford in Energi plug-in hybrid cars
Use of SmartGauge which is unique instrument cluster
Comes with onboard GPS system
Allows the driver to change the vehicle operation in three models that includes saving batteries, normal hybrid mode and driving only electric based car
It comes with Hands-free lift gate for easy access to cargo
As compared to this, Toyota failed to impress the customers due to which the opportunity tuned out to be bets for the Ford Company. Let us see how far the Ford Company can manage to keep up the expectation among the users or is it Toyota that is soon going to be on the top?

The Amazing New Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid Will Soon Hit the Road

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Yes! The news has been pretty much for the fact that the review for the car has come really good and positive. Looking at their long term promise of the year 2013 Nissan Pathfinder coverage, it seems that the car is soon going to hit the road globally and prove to be the good competition to other popular car brands like Chevrolet Traverse and Chevrolet Traverse
So what new in car?
Most of you all must be wondering what made this car so popular. Well, this new hybrid car is the best option for its pathfinder. It comes with amazing new features and an all-new power train, CUV’s Infiniti-badge QX60 sibling. As far as economy is the point, you don’t have to worry as it is completely fuel efficient. It can hit 19 miles per gallon easily and is expected to increase the economy soon.
Driving Features Notes:
It is supercharged power hybrid car
2.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine
243 pound-feet of torque
good for 230 horsepower
overall system output up to 250 hp
Quick Drawbacks to Note
In terms of weight as compared to the stand pathfinder, this model is quite heavy and is said to be 228 pounds heavier. The car is not that smooth as expected and they rightmost pedal is pretty much difficult to dig out. There are some issues with the gasoline engine which makes a sound that becomes annoying over a certain span of time.
This car is available in different designs, colors and models which include Premium, SV, SL, platinum starting from the base price of $35,110. Get this filly loaded car which would surely set you back. So what are you waiting for? Just grab a good date and book this amazing hybrid car and run the baby on the road. You will certainly get overall an enjoyable experience.

Tesla Model 7 – The Technology at its Best

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Tesla Model 7 is the revolutionary car in the electric car segment. The car has proven its technological innovation with the unparalleled performance that can beat any other traditional car as well. This high quality sedan is known for its performance that is as good as any other sports car.  The car has integrated all the features that will make any good car popular.
Let us find out more about its looks, performance and machinery.
Model 7 – Technology
Tesla Model 7 is offered with advanced and powerful electric power train that is well equipped to offer thrilling performance. This innovative technology is quite different from the traditional engines and has moving rotor behind its power. The 85 KWh battery powered car offers awesome acceleration by attaining the speed of 60 miles per hour in just 5.4 seconds and that too without fueling it with gasoline and yes, zero tailpipe emissions!
Hi-tech Suspension System
Tesla Model S is equipped with Hi-tech suspension system that is perfectly apt for the architecture and design of this elegant Model S. The suspension thus provided is best suited to the light weight platform offered in Model S. It works for the agility of this classy sedan. The rear suspension of the car is of multi-link type while the front suspension is quite light weight and is the perfect choice for wheel control.
The future Technology
Tesla has understood the need of future and has developed this car with the future technology. This electric car has 85 KWh battery that offers the range of 300 miles with the estimated speed of 55 mph. The lower model with 60 KWh battery is also available with the range of 230 miles.
In short, this car is a super hit model by Tesla with futuristic technology.

Introduction of Electric Cars for Pollution Free Environment

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Looking at the increasing rate of pollution all over the world, efforts have been made by many car companies to design that models that meets less pollution or introduce the new concepts of car such as c]electric car. However, there are some of the popular brands that have been gaining the popularity in terms of electric cars and buses.  As per the Chinese government, they have approved the subsidies for buyers to get the electrical cars at the same time ensured incentives plan would be modified against the hybrids car.
China as compared to the America has set the ambitious goal of 5 million electric cars by 2020. So far the researches have shown that till the end of 2012, China has made 27,800 electric cars. Along with the car, the electric buses are also designed in the large scale. It is expected to raise the availability to 500,000 Yan.
The need of electric cars
If proper action is not taken soon, the world may end up living in the pollution and lot many diseases that would have adverse effects. Though there are high quality petrol bases cars, you surely cannot rely on time for the lifetime for a fact that fuel charges are raising besides, the economy of the countries is getting domed. Hence an electric car is the best option to go for.
The features that you may get in Electric Car are:
Light in weight
Easy to operate
Good technology
Good speed
No pollution
Entirely safe.
For such new electric cars, the local authorities have set minimum of 30 percent production along with the increase in the usage of alternative energy based cars and buses. The Chinese government is expecting the use of more electric and energy based cars rather than use of hybrid cars in the coming years and are advising the inventors to reduce the costs of their plug-in cars.

All that you Should Know about Yaris Hybrid-R Concept

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Toyota is one of the popular car brands which have been releasing some of the great hi-tech cars at a great value with amazing specifications. Toyota’s one more new invention Yaris Hybrid-R Concept has been introduced in the recent For all those car lovers who have been waiting for its details to come up, there waiting is over for the fact that the Toyota has now provided with all the glimpse of this bound vehicle.
Cool Features to Enjoy
Race-derived Car
400-plus horsepower
Direct-injection for better driving
Turbocharged four-cylinder to make the front wheels even more powerful
Adjustable rear electric motors
Existence of Yaris Hybrid-R Concept
toyota-yaris-hybrid-r-concept1Yaris Hybrid-R Concept is said to be the replaced for the Toyota TS030 Hybrid Le Mans racer who’s come of the common issues like traditional battery packs have been worked on. There are many advantages that a car driver can enjoy specially its power and the brakes facility. With additional safety features and amazing used if technologies, this is a must drive ca which would soon be launching in the market. There are 3 electric motors of 60 horse power out of which th to are designed for the rear wheels while the third one helps to work on the speed while ensuring that the when the car gets brake, it doesn’t lose any grip.
You can also take a more look at the press release and some of the videos to know in detail about the Yaris Hybrid-R Concept. The car is expected to be in the market soon after it is released in the Frankfurt Motor Show. Cross your fingers and wait for this amazing car to get launched soon. Once it is in the market, don’t miss to have a test drive of the car and know why it is the best invention of Toyota so far.

The New Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R Concept Finally Released and Due at the Upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show

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After weeks of anticipation and raging curiosity, Toyota has finally revealed the new Yaris Hybrid-R concept. It’s finally confirmed and it’s finally here, the Toyota Yaris will be transformed into a quasi-race car and showcased at the coming Frankfurt Motor Show.
At first all the company teased the public with was a simple R logo enticing the mind into thinking that the next-generation Supra sports car might be on its way. A little later a related image was released with an uncanny resemblance to the front corner of the Yaris hatchback.
At last, the Hybrid-R concept is confirmed revolutionizing race car technology with a humble hatchback body. Based completely on the initial three-door Yaris, the newer model is meant for the road creating new optimization for performance hybrids and entailing greater driver involvement.
The car is a combination of two electric motors with Toyota Motorsport designed a 1.6 liter petrol engine, also known as the “Global Race Engine,” compounding to give a power out greater that 400bhp. The technology contribution was modeled after Toyota’s TS030 Hybrid Le Mans racer and how energy that’s recovered from applying the braked is in turn stored in the super-capacitor and then rapidly fed back into the power train to supply a boost that’s similar to forced induction. The super capacitor, as quoted by Toyota, is perfectly suitable to be used in a sports car. The technology has even been linked to make a future appearance in a higher performance variant of the GT86.
The all wheel drive hyper hatchbacks are definitely something to look forward to. The Frankfurt Motor Show in September will also be used by Toyota to unveil their latest developments in fuel cell technology. Aside from the Yaris Hybrid-R, the company still plans on launching its first fuel cell vehicle in 2015 as scheduled.

The Eastern Market Being Ruled by the Leafs

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Atlanta has emerged as one of the biggest market for the wonder car Leaf. Reports have shown that almost 700 copies of the car have been sold in this region in the last few months. Nissan claimed that their new electric vehicle known by the name Leaf is selling great in many cities of the United States. Nissan Leaf The rate of sell that the company has been able to achieve is historic.

A look at the market for this car

Los Angeles and San Francisco has been able to grab the first two spots concerning the sale of the car. They have become very important cities regarding the selling of this car.
Many cities situated in the eastern part of the country are also showing up in the top of the list when the selling of electrical vehicles is concerned.
The eighth and tenth spots have been captured by Nashville and St.Louis respectively.
The facts also show that Atlanta is the city where the Nissan-Renault Alliance sold their 100,000th vehicle that runs on electricity.
The first electric vehicle was launched by Nissan in the month of December 2010.
It is so economical that even the college students can afford to buy it.
There are many people who have brought the car only because of the reason that it is cool.
The company has carried out various modifications in the car to make riding comfortable. The people won’t get the feeling that they are riding something less powerful.
The car has been also appreciated by many riders because of the level of the safety that it provides. The seats have been designed in such a manner that the rider is not badly hurt if accidents occur.

The car has got great rating from the people who have bought it. Leaf is a must have if you are looking for an electrical vehicle of the new generation.

Replica of 100-year-Old Hybrid Stars at the Moving Motor Show

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In the age of modern era, there are many people who are living in this world who have owning classic old car in their collection. These kind of retro cars have been in demand from last many years and besides introduction of many stylish models in the market. In today’s generation, these types of cars are a craze among today’s generation. . The vintage cars are recently used to define aged styling or culturally outdated styling. There are many people who are fond of such cars as they tend to be stepped in history. The auction is one of the best places as far as retro or vintage cars are concerned and you’ll be able to find out most unique car on the display.

Going through the Show

In the year of 1990, it is developed by eponymous Ferdinand, the Semper Vivus. Presently, they are mounted in front wheels and hooked up to individual batteries as well as generators that are turned by petrol engines.

Even though Goodwood’s Moving Motor Show, the curtain-raiser for Festival of Speed is usually about modern cars, both Ford and Porsche used it as opportunity to recently show their heritage.

Presently, they are devoted to reveal its long-standing affiliation with hybrid power through host of ‘green’ models in its current lineup.

Here, Stuttgart simply brings to its stand a challenging replica of Lohner-Porsche Semper Vivus. By making use of combination of replica parts and pre-existing components like DeDion Bouton engines, the 3-year job of replicating car was handed to Porsche Museum as well as coachbuilder Hubert Drescher.

Simply FORD

Ford has decided for diverse stance lining up company’s iconic young timer XR2 to its most recent performance alternative, the Fiesta ST. The car comes with wide-section radial tyres, cast alloy wheels, front disc brakes, wheel arch extensions and front & rear spoilers. Here, the Goodwood moving motor show cars are just about tip of iceberg with wide-ranging number of classics set to impress people over the coming weekend.

The First and Second Spot of the EV Qualifying Division Grabbed by Mitsubishi

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Mitsubishi is a popular name among the people who have a liking towards stylish cars. The company has been producing innovative cars that have been able to rule the global motor vehicle market. The advanced sports cars produced by these companies have been able to put up great competition in most of the car rallies and race shows.  Recently the cars of the electric division of the company have been able to conquer both the first and second place in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The achievement came in the qualifying round. The Mitsubishi Motors‘ team comprised of Hiroshi Masuoka and Greg Tracy. Both of them are seasoned drivers.

Let’s have a look at some of the most exciting features of the race that took place. 

In the qualifying round of the electric division that was held on 27 June, the quickest clock time was recorded by Greg Tracy. He took only 3:56:287 to reach the destination. Hiroshi Masuoka, who came second in the race, took 3:57:777.
The MMC representatives are confident about claiming the title on the final race that is going to be held on June 30.
The vehicles of the MiEV Evolution that were used by MMC for the event have used some of the best components that have been produced by the engineers at MMC. Few parts of the vehicles have been also supplied by the partners.

The best things about the vehicle that have been used in the race have the new generation EV components. The most important inclusions in these models have been the enhanced electric motors and high capacity battery. All these components have played a great role in increasing the output of the vehicle. To ensure that the vehicles achieve top positions in this year race the MMC team took help of the data that was gathered by them last year.